2020 Farmers Markets

June 12, 2020 0 Comments

Eric South Pearl Farmers Market

We are going into our fourth week of farmers markets and are happy to report that all is going well at both Louisville and South Pearl. Both markets are controlling crowds and enforcing face coverings/masks and the hand sanitizer is flowing freely. It’s been great to get out and talk to people and to watch the dog parade. (There are so many well behaved dogs. Perhaps our beloved Doodle, Dude, will be mellow enough some day to go to a market. One can dream!)

Your can find us at:

  • Sloan’s Lake Denver Bazaar every Friday from 3-8pm
  • Louisville every other Saturday from 9am-1pm
  • South Pearl every Sunday from 9am-1pm

In addition to getting your Masi Masa fix, here are some fellow vendors we recommend checking out:

Sauci Living

Our dear friend, Mick, has created three incredibly tasty sauces. His Salsa Verde is a terrific pairing for our Ras El Hanout. (Markets: South Pearl)

Three Kings Kombucha

Ben pours some really complex and refreshing kombucha. My go-to is Summer Breeze. Highly recommend! (Markets: South Pearl)

Sati Coffee

Daniel and Brandon have been friends since the 5th grade, are the nicest humans, and they make some bomb cold brew. Our niece loves their Honey Lavender. (Markets: South Pearl, Louisville)

Omi’s Crackers

This is my favorite post-market-in-the-car-on-the-way-home snack. Upside of mask wearing is that I don’t have to worry about seeds in my teeth when I run errands on my way home! (Markets: Louisville)

Ti-a Woven Goods

Edouard just started selling this past weekend at South Pearl and I am IN LOVE with these baskets and their reason for being (make sure to check out the founder’s story—so inspiring). Perfect for farmers market shopping. (Markets: South Pearl, Highlands)

Hope to see you at a market soon!


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