Cook a restaurant quality meal in less time than it takes to order take out.

We’re on a mission to bring you the flavors of the world.

Awhile back, we bailed on real life and took time off to travel—eating and cooking our way through Pakistan, India, Southeast Asia and China. When we got home, we wanted to make the foods we loved, but found the spice blends available to be full of food coloring, sugar and preservatives...not to mention not that great tasting. We also found making our own curries to be a real pain—every recipe seemed to require just a smidge of 17 different spices (leading to lots of waste) and often, not great results. “Hey!” we thought, “Why not make our own spice blends?” And thus, Masi Masa was born. 

Heaps of flavor without the hassle.

If you want a yummy Indian, Thai or Moroccan meal, but don’t want to invest the time or in all the spices required to make it, our original Masi Masa Spice Blends are the answer you’ve been looking for. The best thing? There is virtually no way to mess up. (Oh, and our spice blends have just the right amount of heat—not too much and not too little!)

Fast and easy—even for timid chefs.

Each package of our Masi Masa Spice Blend contains exactly the right amount of spice to create a quick and authentically delicious meal for four and comes with a shopping list and recipe right on the package. You can also use our Masi Masa Spice Blends to create other curries and stews, in a marinade, in a stir fry or as a spice rub for grilling. Try one of our recipes or go rogue and make up one of your own.

Good for you yumminess.

All of our spice blends are non-GMO, sugar- and gluten-free. And, with the exception of our Thai Green Curry Spice Blend—which contains dried shrimp (and may contain a trace amount of sulfites)—all of our spice blends are vegan and preservative-free.