Our Story

Taste the World

Masi Masa is our way of sharing the flavors and beauty of cultures from around the world. We are starting with our original spice blends, but hope to branch out into homewares and other fun stuff influenced by our love of travel and discovery.

How We Got Here

Once upon a time, we quit our jobs in advertising (Cindy) and car design (Eric), sold our house in California and hit the road—eating our way through Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka (ever so briefly), Thailand, the Maldives, Cambodia and China. Before and since then we’ve had the pleasure of spending time (and noshing) in England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, France, Greece, Japan, the British Virgin Islands, Argentina and Mexico. We’ve also done our fair share of eating in the good old U S of A. 

After our eating sabbatical, we found ourselves craving the foods we love, but frustrated by having to maintain an enormous spice rack in order to make them (you know, those bottles and bags of spices you buy only to use two teaspoons and then go stale before you use them again?). We thought, “What if we could make spice blends that allow us to make quick and yummy Thai, Indian, Mexican, Korean, Middle Eastern (and more!) meals—especially on busy weeknights—without the hassle and expense?”

And so, after a lot of trial and error, Masi Masa was born.

About Our Name

Our company name is made up of the Gujarati words for “Aunt” (Masi) and “Uncle” (Masa) and came to us during a visit with our then 2-year-old friend Om and his mom and dad. Since being an aunt and uncle is a huge part of our lives, the name felt just right.