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Are your spice blends super spicy?  Most of our wimpiest friends are just fine with the amount of heat in our blends. If you crave/need/demand more heat, we recommend adding it via dried or fresh chili peppers.

How long do your spice blends last?  All spice loses its potency/flavor over time. Martha Stewart recommends tossing spice after six months, but we have found that our blends hold their flavor for up to a year or more.* 

*Our Thai Green Curry is the exception because it contains dried shrimp. While the shrimp doesn’t go “bad”, it can lose its flavor. If in doubt, we recommend replacing one year after the “packed on” date.

How should I store spice blends? We recommend storing all spices in a cool dry place.

There are some clumps in my spice blend. Is something wrong with it?  In order to keep our blends as pure as possible, we decided not to use a de-clumping agent. So, you might notice a few clumps here and there. Not to worry! It will still taste great.

Can I use your spice blends in other recipes?  We encourage creativity and experimentation! If you come up with a great recipe, please share it with us and we’ll put it up on our site for others to enjoy.