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Masi’s go-to food podcasts.

October 23, 2020 0 Comments

We like to eat. And we like to talk about eating. We also love to listen to podcasts about eating and food. Here are four of our go-to listens when we want something comforting.

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

Jessie and her mom are hilarious. Love how geeked out they get about their guests. This episode with John Legend was just lovely.

The Splendid Table

This show was started by a woman named Lynne Rosetta Caspar in 1994. Francis Lam, a low key and super knowledgeable foodie and chef, took over in 2017. Why does this matter? Because some people may have stopped listening because they felt like it was a show hosted by their mom or grandmother. If this is you, I would def recommend giving it another listen.

We recently listened to this episode with Yotam Ottoleghi and it felt like we were just hanging out with him in his house.

Also, every Thanksgiving day, they do a two hour call-in show called Turkey Confidential. (I usually hear it in the car when I’m rushing to the store for last minute grocery items.) Most callers have a tinge of panic in their voices, but Francis and his guest chefs always seem to know exactly what to recommend to fix their problem.

Milk Street

OK, Christopher Kimball can be a little snobby, but I keep going back for more. He started Milk Street after he left Cook’s Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen and it’s pretty much the same thing, but with a focus on global foods (think less donuts and more baklava). I find comfort is listening to the podcast as I fall asleep at night.

Good Food with Evan Kleiman

We lived in Venice, CA for years, and KCRW was our go-to radio station. Evan Kleiman has been hosting a radio show/podcast called Good Food since 1997. She is often called "the fairy Godmother of the LA food scene". We listen when we want a fix of “home” but recommend it to anyone who cares about food. 

It’s always a great mashup—a recent episode featured a story about a Chinatown restaurant trying to make it during the pandemic, a review of the new James Beard biography, everything you want to know about tortillas, the best birria and burgers in East LA, and a tour through the Santa Monica Farmers Market. 


Cindy AKA Masi


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