Kitchari Memories

In October 2007, we bailed on our corporate lives and moved from Ann Arbor to Boulder to start our own graphic design business. Unlike our move from California to Michigan four years prior, this move was self-funded. Meaning? Yup, all the packing fell to us. 

This is why we will forever be grateful to our dear friend, Matt, who showed up the night before the moving truck and stayed into the wee hours of the morning creating custom boxes for ALL of our artwork—framed photos, posters, paintings, etc.—on a school night, no less.

The other thing we will never forget the delicious hot-off-the-stove pot of kitchari that another dear friend, Bhavna, brought over for us to eat together on our front porch on that cool fall evening.

We’ve attempted to make kitchari throughout the years, but it was never as good as the one Bhavna brought over that night. But, recently, Cindy attended a class taught by Ayurveda Mama and unlocked the secret of what we’d been missing: A LOT of fresh herbs.

Check out our slightly modified recipe here. And try pairing it with some Tikka Masala. Yum!

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