Indian Tikka Masala (3-pk)


Each package of our Masi Masa Tikka Masala Spice Blend contains just the right amount of spice to make a quick, authentically delicious meal for 4-6 any day of the week. We also share a new recipe every few weeks, so if you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check them out here on our site. (Heat level: 2/5)

Said to have originated in Glasgow by a Bangladeshi chef in the late 1960’s, Tikka Masala is practically the national dish of Great Britain. It took us YEARS to get our version right and it was only when we got the stamp of approval from a very picky friend who grew up in India and lived in the UK, did we feel confident to put it out into the world!

Each package of Masi Masa Indian Tikka Masala Spice Blend contains just the right amount of spice to make a restaurant-quality meal for four in less time than it takes to order take-out.

Ingredients: coriander, smoked paprika, cumin, sea salt, amchur (dried mango), black pepper, cardamom, cayenne pepper, fenugreek, garlic, nutmeg, ginger (vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, preservative-free, no artificial anything)* *Processed in a facility that processes wheat, milk, soy, nuts, peanuts & sesame.

There is a shopping list and recipe on the back of each pack. And because our spice blends are super versatile, we encourage you to get creative! We add new recipes to our site often, so be sure to check then out.

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Are your spice blends “hot”?? Most of our wimpiest friends are just fine with the amount of heat in our blends. If you crave/need/demand more heat, we recommend adding it via sliced fresh (first choice!) or dried chili peppers. If you want less heat, try using a little less spice blend in your dish.

How long do your spice blends last?  Spices don’t go “bad”, they just lose their potency/flavor over time. Some people recommend tossing spice after six months to a year, but we have found that if unopened and stored in a cool dry place, ou spice blends hold their flavor for at least 18 months.

How should I store spice blends? We recommend storing all spices in a cool dry place. If you don’t use the full pack of Masi Masa, fold the top of the package over a few times and secure with a rubber band or clip.

There are some clumps in my spice blend. Is something wrong with it? You might notice a few clumps here and there in our spice blends. Not to worry — they will still taste great!

Can I use your spice blends in other recipes? Our spice blends are made to be versatile. That’s why we post new recipes here on our site every month. We also encourage creativity and experimentation! If you come up with a great recipe, please share it with us and we’ll put it up on our site for others to enjoy.


how to cook

✔ shopping list & recipe on the pack

✔ whip up a meal for 4 in 30 minutes or less

✔ that's less time than it take to order takeout!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alyssa W.
Perfect holiday gift

This is the third year I have purchased Masimasa spices for holiday gifts. I discovered these spices at the farmers market and can't get enough of them. I especially like making lentil soup with them!

sue oconnell
tikka masala gnocchi recipe

I have made this recipe a few times and it is wonderful. Everyone loves it! It makes me seem like a much better cook than i am. I even made it once for a friend with celiac, using gluten free gnocchis, and it was just as good. Thanks for the idea!

Better than a box

I picked up a few packets at a local farmers market. These are the best quick meal fix, we just cook the veggies, add the packet and a super nourishing, better than a restaurant flavored meal is good to go. Less waste than a meal prep box, but the part of figuring out dinner is handled.
I love that I’ve gotten better about picking up fresh veggies knowing I have at least a couple options in the cabinet to pull it together. Thank you!