Moroccan Tacos

September 20, 2022 0 Comments

If there’s one thing about tacos, it’s that they never get old. Especially since there are so many fun ways to make them. (Gotta hand it to the team at Kogi BBQ who revolutionized what you can put in a tortilla when they launched their Korean taco truck in Los Angeles back in 2008.) 

In our Moroccan Tacos — or as we like to call them, Rascos—that’s a taco made with our Ras El Hanout Spice Blend (shout out to our friend Abby and her boyfriend Ashton for the awesome name and this delish recipe)—we take the boldness and flavor up a level with zesty red onions, crispy jalapeños, some snappy fresh red peppers, all topped with a mouth-watering garlic sauce called Toum, a traditional sauce found through the Levant

The best part about our Rascos is that they can be made vegan or with meat and with as few or as many toppings as you’d like—but whatever you choose, don’t forget the Toum! This is a cravable and drool-worthy weeknight meal everyone in your household will go crazy for!

(NOTE: If you are a meat eater and want to make this even easier, you could skip the sweet potatoes and red peppers. Just add the red onion in when you put in the garlic and ginger.)




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