Thai Green Curry Spring Rolls

June 29, 2022 0 Comments

Thai Green Curry Spring RollsOur Thai Green Curry Spring Rolls with Shrimp (or tofu) are light and refreshing and perfect for summer! Making spring rolls is a fun activity for kids and dinner guests alike — we like to prep all the ingredients and set everything out on the dining table and let everyone make their own.

And we encourage you to get creative. No basil? No problem! Use cilantro and/or mint instead. No rice noodles? How about bean sprouts? Not feeling shrimp or tofu? How about some sliced pork or shredded chicken? The same way anything is good in a taco, anything is great in a spring roll!

    Kitchen Equipment

    • 2 cutting boards
    • Large bowl (for hot water to soak wrappers)
    • Medium sauté pan (for cooking shrimp)
    • Medium pot (for boiling noodles)
    • 7 small bowls (for prepped ingredients, pre-assembly)
    • Kitchen knife
    • Vegetable peeler
    • Mandolin (optional)
    • Measuring cups & spoons
    • Magic Bullet or blender

      Thai Spring Rolls Assembly

      Thai Spring Rolls Dipping Sauce


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