The first time we ate this dish was during our stay at the Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala back in 2001. (How we ended up there for a month is a funny story that all started with Cindy miscalculating pounds and dollars for a hotel in London. Ask us about it!) Fast forward to 2014 and our first meal at Biju’s Little Curry. Tasting the cabbage side dish — Cabbage Thoran, as it’s known in Kerala — was like a trip down memory lane. 

Now that Biju’s Little Curry is no longer, we have set out to make it on our own. Make sure to have all of your ingredients chopped and ready so you can move quickly!

Note: it’s worth heading to your local Indian grocery for fresh curry leaves and coconut (the coconut will be in the freezer section), but don’t stress if you have to use dried.


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