Tikka Masala Mac & Cheese. Need we say more? OK, we’ll say this: our Tikka Masala spice blend takes your mac & cheese game to the next level by adding a smokey depth that will leave everyone at your dinner table — young and old — begging for more!

As always, we try to help you keep the kitchen mess to a minimum. You can make your sauce and bake your mac & cheese in 10" oven-safe skillet or you can make noodles and sauce in one pot and bake in a 9x13 baking dish.

Masi Masa Tikka Mac & Cheese: Prepping Sauce

Creating the depth of flavor...

Masi Masa Tikka Mac & Cheese: Assembled Noodles, Sauce & Topping

Topping on, all set to bake...

Masi Masa Tikka Mac & Cheese: Baked and Ready to Serve

Time to eat!


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